Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teaching = Learning

In the mid 1st Century A.D.,  Roman philosopher Seneca stated,
"While we teach, we learn."
In the late 18th Century A.D., French moralist and essayist Joseph Joubert wrote,
To teach is to learn twice. 
In 1993, American educator Dr. Gary Phillips determined,
"we remember 92% of what we teach each other."

Despite knowing that the best way to truly understand, one must be able to teach.
The American educational system is still dependent upon a model that places the expert
at the front, in the position of both teaching and learning,
while presenting knowldege to a captive group of passive students.

We must demand better of ourselves as educators and place our students in the
optimum position for their learning.   Students must become their own teachers. 
We must create in them a desire to understand the knowledge,
we hope for them to apply and retain, to a point that they can teach each other.   
We must place the burden of learning on the students and diminish the role of the educator
from expert presenter of the information to guide and facillitator of the learning process.

Students must understand that in a community of learning that they are responsible to and for each other in order to maximize the potential of learning for all.  It is in the ultimate success of the group that success as an individual is actualized.  


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