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For Information on Professional Development Workshops in Dynamic Teaching Using Notebook 10 Software.
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To whom it may concern,

This letter is to acknowledge Brian S. Miller as a SMART Certified Trainer on the SMART Board Software Version 10 for Windows Operating Systems.

The SMART Certified Trainer designation indicates that SMART Technologies Inc. recognizes the certified individual as a qualified trainer for SMART Board interactive whiteboards, software version 10. SMART Certified Trainers have completed a rigorous training program that tests both their technical aptitude and ability to train others.

What is a SMART Certified Trainer?

Being a SMART Certified Trainer is your assurance that candidates have invested the time to learn how to deliver a high-quality training session. Certified Trainers are authorized to deliver carefully designed training programs that have been tested in hundreds of sessions by SMART’s Training Services department. Choosing a SMART Certified Trainer ensures your attendees will get information that is immediately applicable to the jobs they do.

The following topics are included in the full-day workshop:
·         Hardware and basic functionality
·         Working with applications: Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint®
·         Using SMART Notebook software  - including advanced handwriting, grouping, print capture and attachments
·         SMART Recorder
·         Video Player
·         Control Panel
·         Other training resources

What Are the Criteria?

All Certification Trainers have completed pre-certification requirements to ensure they have the skills to train others. These requirements have four main components:
·         Receiving instructions on how to use SMART’s extensive online training materials
·         Attending an online learning session and completing various learning objectives
·         Submitting a pre-certification assignment to SMART’s Certification Trainer
·         Attending a SMART  Training event or session

During the Session
At the certification workshop, candidates practice delivering training material to ensure consistent and accurate information is provided during their sessions. There are two types of training materials provided during the workshop:
·         A SMART  Session Facilitator’s Guide that outlines best practices on how to use the SMART Board interactive whiteboard
·         A resource CD-ROM with presentation files and examples to supplement their training

The certification process does not end after the workshop.
·         Certified Trainers are required to submit a sample of their training to SMART’s Senior Certification Trainer for final evaluation
·         Certified Trainers must also submit monthly reports containing the number of sessions and quality of the sessions as determined by the Learner Feedback Form

SMART Certified Trainer

A SMART Certified Trainer is qualified to deliver a full-day Session. This individual has received three full days of training from SMART including hands-on activities, and personalized feedback from a SMART Technologies Certification Trainer. The post-session evaluation of a Trainer involves conferencing to ensure that the quality of the content and presentation meet the certification requirements.

SMART Certified Trainer Listing

A list of all current SMART Certified Trainers can be found on our website at:

This listing of register trainers is your assurance that they have completed all of the certification requirements and received final approval from SMART Technologies.

(Note: If individuals are not listed on our website, they have not yet completed the certification process and are not certified to deliver training.)

If you have any questions regarding certification, contact SMART Training Services at 1.888.42.SMART, ext. 8536, or e-mail


SMART Technologies Inc.

Darlene Hampson
Team Lead Training Specialists