Monday, July 30, 2012

IMAGINE - How Creativity Works
by Jonah Lehrer

Just completed the book and found it fascinating.
From where creativity comes from to how to develop those opportunities for creativity.
Lehrer opens up paths to how both the individual mind and the collective society treat the concept of CREATIVITY.

Lehrer provides insight in to the free verse outpouring of an individual like Bob Dylan, the practicality of the inventors at 3M as well as the foresight of the technology wizards of Apple. Lehrer opens up the magical and collaborative world of PIXAR while shedding light on the necessity of interpersonal interaction to encourage the creative process.  From the artisitic onslaught of the Italian Renaissance to the technological  epiphanies of the Silicon Valley, creativity must be developed, nurtured and shared.

Lehrer does a phenomenal job of explaining the science of the brain and its role in the creative process as well as the importance of community to this imagination-creativity-product model.

IMAGINE will provide an opportunity for educators to re-think the process of education and the classroom environment in which the students are required to learn, develop, synthesize and  produce their masterpieces of thought.