Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Questions I Would Love Students to Answer. (Or, maybe just a rant on my part.)

Questions I would love to have students answer...

Why does your calculator disappear before every math and science class?
Why do you leave your book, pen, pencil, notebook, jacket, lunch bag, in my classroom everyday at the end of class?
Why do you stand in the middle of the hallway, and look at me like I'm crazy when I try to walk down the hall?
Why do you congregate for discussions at the top or bottom of a stairway?
Why must you slam your locker door to get it to closed?
Why do you close the door as you enter the building, without looking back to see if someone else may be trying to get in?
How come you know when the bell rings to the exact second, but can't understand time limits on quizzes, tests or labs?
Who cleans up after you in your own home?
Can I come to your house and dismantle the faucets and gas lines in your kitchen or bathroom?
Why do you drink less than a quarter of your bottle of water before you leave it in my classroom?
Why can't you ask a teacher if they need assistance when they are trying to balance a stack of papers, their computer bag, umbrella, coffee cup, while trying to get their keys out to unlock the classroom door?
Why do you jiggle the handle on a locked door or bang on it instead of walking over to check if the other door is open?
Is the empty water bottle so heavy, that you cannot walk the extra five feet to the recycle bin and must throw it in the trash can?
Do you you not realize that every quiz is difficult if you not have prepared?
Also, every quiz is easy for me, because I wrote it!!!!
Why can't you have your homework prepared to turn in when you arrive at class: with your name on it, stapled and organized?
Why do you tell me as the bell rings all of your excuses for not having your homework instead of emailing the night before?
Can I come and touch, move, take, misplace everything on your desk at your home?
Have you not figured out that the things I repeat several times might be important?

I would love to read your additions to this list of rants...

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