Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt

I like students to be comfortable with the periodic as a tool for their use in chemistry, rather than a sheet of information that they memorize.  To keep students up on using the periodic table as a tool, I periodically (no pun intended) ask them to search the periodic table through a scavenger hunt.

I have provided an example below. 

Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt

Hint:                                                                                                   Symbol

1. Start at the element that is a waste product of photosynthesis.            __________  O

2. Add seven AMU’s to the mass                                                         __________  Na

3. Add 26 to atomic number                                                                 __________  Rb 

4. Remain in that period and go to Group IB                                         __________  Ag

5. Go up one period and to the right six groups                                     __________   Br

6. Go to the top of that family                                                                __________ 

7. Remain in that period and divide the electro-negativity by two            __________  B

8. Add fifty to the atomic number                                                          __________  Cs

9. Go to the element that is a liquid at 25o C in that period                     __________  Hg

10. Increase the proton count by six                                                      __________  Rn

11. Go to element with the smallest mass in that group                           __________  He

12. Multiply the atomic number by ten                                                   __________  Ca

13. Decrease the proton number five                                                     __________  P

14. Jump to Group IIA in that period                                                    __________  Mg

15. Cut the atomic number in half                                                          __________  C

16. Decrease the mass by 3.0 AMU’s                                                  __________  Be

17. If the element is an even atomic number multiply by 4
      If the element is an odd atomic number multiply by 5                        __________ S

18. Jump up one period. You should be back where you began.            __________ O

While this isn't some earth shattering method of exploring the periodic table, it does provide students with familiarity with the elements, information and terminology necessary to use the periodic table efficiently and effectively. 

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