Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Wonder of It All

Have you ever examined the human skeleton and truly tried to understand the engineering behind this amazing piece of machinary that we each depend upon?

This is a constant theme in my classroom. 
Science does not kill the magic, it only enhances it.

The example I use in my anatomy class is the structure of our forearms. 
How amazing is the design mechanism between the ulna and the radius?
How perfectly the crown like head of the radius fits neatly into the radial notch on the ulna
at the crux of the elbow.
Likewise, the ulnar notch on the radius fits snugly on the curved head of the ulna at the wrist.

Due to this marvelous piece of engineering genius we can rotate our wrists, unlike every other non-primate on earth.  How many simple actions do we accomplish each day beacause we can rotate our wrists, brushing our teeh and hair (hopefully with different brushes), flipping pancakes, tying our shoes, etc... etc...
Not to mention the amazing feats we can accomplish on the athletic field,
in art and music studios or on stage. 
Imagine going through an entire day without being able to rotate your wrist. What would our lives look like? This all but taken for granted piece of the amazing design of our human machine is only a minute example of the wonder of all of the universe. 

It is through the magic of science that the wonder and awe only becomes that much more amazing.

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