Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And it all began with a teacher...

I have a calendar on my desk with a quote or saying about teaching and education for each day,

The following was the excerpt from November 21st.  This piece was given to me, my first year as an educator, by my mentor teacher. Unfortunately, in moving from school to school it somehow was misplaced.  When I read this again yesterday, it brought back a lot of the memories of those first few years of learning to become a teacher and the inspiration I recieved from so many educators, that I have worked with.

Teachers are the reason why airplanes fly,
computers program, ballets are danced,
novels are written, cancers are researched,
lawsuits won, skyscrapers built, and
“art” decorates refrigerator doors.
Life’s biggest, boldest, brightest ideas
--- life’s honors, achievements and
accomplishments --- occur because
somewhere, sometime, someone touched
our lives --- and it all began with a

Thank you to all who have touched my life as an educator.

Happy Thanksgiving

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