Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome Back!!!

School is back in session.
Summer vacation has come to an end.
Students are heading back to the classroom.

Are you simply going to break out last year's lesson plans and change the dates?
Will you make copies of the same handouts you used last year?
Will this year's students hear the exact same stories you have told for the last five years?
Can students simply find copies of last year's quizzes and tests from your former students?
Have you checked the video library to make sure the same movies will be available again this year?

What will you bring to your classroom this year?
What have you added to your repertoire?
How will you enhance the learning process for the students entrusted to your care?

Have you added a new project to the curriculum?
Did you increase your understanding or use of technology?
Have you read journals, books, blogs or newletters to gain new stories and information?
Did you or will participate in a workshop or inservice to gain new insights?
Have you read any new research on how the brain learns?
Did you visit other teachers classrooms to add to your Best Practices?
Did you take a class this summer? 
Did you travel to someplace that will provide inspiration to your classroom?
Have you watched any documentaries, TED Talks or You Tube videos to add to your knowledge base?
Have you created a classroom blog?
Will you create new quizzes or tests?
Have you added a new text?
Have you changed the decor of your room?

What will be new in your classroom?
How have you made yourself a better educator?
Are you a Dynamic Teacher?

I refer you back to one of my first blog posts, If as a Teacher...

Remember, Stagnant Waters Kill the Fish!!!

If you wish to turn your students into life long learners, than you must also value learning?
Your growth as an educator is just as important as their growth as students of learning?

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