Monday, August 22, 2011

Lasallian Educators are FAITHFUL and CREATIVE

I was given the following at a back to school retreat  last week. 

Lasallian Educators are both FAITHFUL and CREATIVE

FAITHFUL - Commited to the values, beliefs and attitudes that underly the ministry

CREATIVE - Versed in the methodologies employed to communicate tose values to TODAY's student.

As I begin this new year, I am reminded to look at my classroom as means of providing the students entrusted to my care with an avenue to understand and embrace those core principles that make us a Lasallian Community: Faith in the Presence of God, Quality Education, Inclusive Community, Respect for All Persons and Concern for the Poor and Social Justice.  I must gaurantee that these are not just a nice list of words and terms that the students can memorize but an actual method of living that the students can embrace.

I must look at the lessons I am creating and first determine, not only if I am providing a clear model of the core principles, but am I providing that message in a way that speaks to those students on a level that thaey can visualize and live out? I must step out side my own comfort zones at times to experience their world but also have the conviction to demand the most of each of them within our community.


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