Thursday, May 19, 2011

Movie Sheet Data Base

Using video and Hollywood movies to introduce a topic, provide a visual refernece for a concept or intiate a discussion can be an effective part of any teacher's methodologies.  There are a myriad of great films and documentaries that can be incorporated into any classroom and all subjects.  The difference between this type of multimedia being viewed as an actual teaching tool as opposed to a simple time filler is how the educator incorporates the material into the lesson and provides opportunity for students to truly think critically about the subject matter.

To often students do not see value in viewing movies because they see them as simply time filler or something that is used when a substitute teacher is in the classroom.  Drawing students into the movie or documentary is the key to being able to utilize this tool effectively in the classroom as a learning tool.  One means of keeping students attention is to provide a viewing sheet to pinpoint students focus on the concepts and ideas that the hopes they will understand.  Movie viewing sheets provide an opportunity for both the student and the teacher to focus on the useful material in the film and provide value beyond simply seeing the film. 

There is a tremendous website available that provides viewing sheets for many of the videos, documentaries and Hollywood movies that are being used in classrooms all over the world. provides a data base of  these teacher developed viewing sheets, organized by subject matter, film name and grade level.  The sheets are available in multiple formats and easy to download and print.

I find anything that saves me time and makes it so I don't have to reinvent the wheel for everything I do, is of tremendous value.  Afterall, most good teachers are lesson thieves, they take ideas from other teachers, tweak it to fit their classroom and style, and make them their own.    

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