Monday, May 09, 2011

Lasallian Daily Prayer Reflections

Saint John Baptist de La Salle challenged the early brothers to continually reflect on their practice and their work. Through this constant reflection on their practice, the brothers elevated the role of teacher to one of the most respected positions
in the Church. 

The five excerpts, from the works of de La Salle, provide an opportunity to reflect daily upon the role of our vocation as an educator.  

Monday's Reflection:

"God has called you to your ministry in order to procure his glory and to give students the spirit of wisdom, the insight to know him, and to enlighten the eyes of their hearts."

Tuesday's Reflection:

"You must also lead them to practice well all the good of which they are capable. Example makes a much greater impression on the mind and hearts than words."

Wednesday's Reflection:

"Do not forget to help them acquire gentleness, patience, love and respect...and all the conduct that is proper to a Christian child, in a word, all that our religion demands of them."

Thursday's Reflection:

"You must then look upon your work as one of the most important and most necessary services in the Church, one which has been entrusted to you by pastors, by fathers and mothers."

Friday's Reflection:

"Do you have a faith that is such that it is able to touch the hearts of your students and inspire them with the Christian spirit? This is the greatest miracle you could perform and the one that God asks of you, for this is the purpose of your work."

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