Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ready Made Values

When I need to introduce a topic on values, or would like to focus on the development of  a character trait of my students, I visit from the Foundation for a Better Life. We have all seen the Pass It On billboards located along the freeways or in our neighborhoods.

The Randy Pausch billboard above is one of my favorites, but that is for another blog, another time., provides, video clips, poster downloads, inspirational stories and slew of other motivational information to introduce, begin, continue expand any type of values discussion I would like to incorporate into my classroom.

I have created a PowerPoint in the movie below, that I use periodically as students enter the room or while they are working on an assignment in class. (You are not the only teacher in the room.)  I will close the PowerPoint and pose the following question to my class, "Which slide caught your attention and why?"  The possibilities for class discussion about values and character development are tremendous.  

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