Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two Dozen Reasons and Uses for FLIP Cameras in the Classroom

A Dozen Reasons Why FLIP Cameras are Great for the Classroom

1.  They are easy to use.
2.  They are student friendly.
3.  Very little training required. 
4.  No cords necessary.
5.  Portable.
6.  Built in stabilization.  
7.  Quick USB connection.
8.  Easy charge.
9.  Fast uploads.
10.  Rapid replay.
11.  Frame by frame replay.
12.  Easy review.

A Dozen Ideas for Using FLIP Cameras in the Classroom.

1. Create short study reviews.
  • Post to YouTube, Class Web or Moodle

2. Video science experiments.
  • Review result, make observations.
3. Video student presentations.
  • Speeches, skits, plays, debates.

4. Students create video stories to explain topics.
  • Collaborate to create storyboard, video and present material.
5. Interview other students outside of class. 
  • Gather data, gain perspective, introduce opinions.
6. Interview an expert to bring to class.
  • Guest speakers anytime.
7. Video skills for playback and critique.
  • Solving a math problem. Making a free throw. Completing a dance move. Singing a song.  
8. Video a school tour in Spanish or French.
  • Bienvenidos a mi escuela...
9. Groups video problem solving in real time. 
  • Critical thinking in process.
10. Share with colleagues. 
  • How did you teach this information?
11. Video the whiteboard notes at the end of class.
  • Post online for students to use.

12. Video teaching a lesson for self observation.
  • Professional development in the palm of your hand.   

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