Wednesday, March 16, 2011

90 Ways To Offer Praise

As an educator, you never know how far your reach extends into a child's life. Even the simplest words of praise and recognition can have an effect on the students entrusted to your care.
90 Ways to Offer a Student Praise
(I have edited this from a list I recieved in a graduate education course several years ago.)

Wow     Excellent     Great     Good     Neat    Well Done
Way To Go     Remarkable     I Knew You Could Do It
Super     I Am Proud Of You     Fantastic     Super Star
You Are Special     Nice Work     Looking Good    
Outstanding     You Are On Top Of It     Beautiful
Now You Are Flying     You Are Catching On     Smart
Now You Have It     You Are Incredible     Bravo
You Are Fantastic     Hurray For You     Hot Dog
Good Job     You Are On Target     You Are On Your Way
How Nice     That is Incredible     Dynamite     Beautiful
You Are Unique     Nothing Can Stop You Now    
Good For You     I Like What You Have Done     Bingo
You Are A Winner     Remarkable Job     Beautiful Work
Spectacular     You Are Darling     Great Discovery
You Are Precious     You Are Spectacular     Magnificent
You Have Discovered The Secret     Fantastic Job
You Figured It Out     Hip, Hip, Hooray     Marvelous
Terrific     You Are Important     Phenomenal    You Tried
Super Work     You Are Sensational     Creative Job
Exceptional Performance     Super Job     You Care
Creative Job     You Are A Real Trooper     You Are Fun
You Are Responsible     Fantastic Job     You Tried Hard
What An Imagination     You Are A Good Listener
How Exciting     You Are Maturing     You Learned It Right
Beautiful Sharing          You Are A Good Person    Correct 
You Are Important     Outstanding Performance 
You Are Valued     You Make Me Happy     I Respect You
You Belong     You Make Me Laugh     You Are A Friend
In My Opinion You Are Right     You Brighten My Day

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