Monday, March 12, 2012

Linear Paths of Learning

I teach in a linear manner.
I design a lesson that makes sense to me. 
A lesson that flows from point A to B to C and so on toward a learning objective. 
However, is that linear path suitable to only for me?
Do I take in to account the learning paths of the twenty-five bright and shiny faces that share my learning environment?
Do my students learn in that same linear manner?
Do we all learn in the same way? Just because A...B...C... seems tp be the, most logical and efficient in my mind as an educator, is that necessarily the most effective way to reach all of my students? Have I taken the time and do I know my students well enough to teach in the best possible way for them to learn? 
Have I addressed the student who needs to see the big picture and know the final outcome in order for them to internalize the value of what is being taught? 

Have I addressed the needs of the students who need to see all the little parts of the lesson, but learns best by putting them together themselves? 
Have I utilized images that bring the words numbers and symbols to life for those students who depend on visual clues to address patterns toward the ultimate goal? 
Do my students understand that the roadmap that I am trying to create for them is just one possible path? That there are other possible means of gaining the objective and that they may follow the path that most fits their tools and skills?
Have I created a learning environment for the sequential linear learner as well as the circuitous learner, to both find a means for their own success?
Have I given my students  a method to tell me when my linear path does not meet theirs?
Do my students know their own learning path and have I cultivated a means for them to explore their own learning?
Have I created an environment where the value is placed on learning and not grades and correct answers?
Do my students enter my learning environment knowing the expectations for learning come first and that grades and correct answers will flow from their ability to learn?
Am I a teacher of learning or am I a teacher of a subject?
Because the most important skill in life today,
is the ability to learn!!!

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