Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thank-you and Goodbye, Brother Donald Mansir FSC

Brother Donald Mansir FSC, passed away this weekend.

He was my mentor, teacher and friend and the main reason I became an educator. 

Brother Donald, you lived the 12 Virtues of a Good Teacher
and in doing so touched my life in so many ways.

Gravity (Seriousness)
You allowed me to enjoy my years in high school but made sure I understood my responsibilities and how to meet expectations.  You provided a balance of the importance of appreciating all of my talents, even the ones I had not yet discovered.

You had a special way of drawing out my thoughts and allowing me to express myself by simply waiting silently with that look of “wanting more”.

You enjoyed the finer things in life but lived in simplicity.  You enjoyed each and every person for who we were.  

You provided me ample opportunity to explore myself and my world with a sense of safety and security without impinging my freedom to be me.

You lived a life of education, your passion for learning and the value of knowledge was a gift that I was fortunate to witness and learn from.

You very seldom showed anger or frustration even though I may not have always been the most cooperative of individuals.  You were always a model of restraint and calm.

Reserve (Self-control)
You knew your limits and you knew my limits and you always found a way to work within those parameters to find success for each of us.

You were one of the most gentle men I ever knew.  Your quiet voice spoke volumes to me loud and clear.  

You brought an energy to all you did through your passion for excellence. I look back on ‘Man of La Mancha” and realize that is the life an educator leads, but only with a zeal for the value of an education.  

You brought an air of safety and security to a very awkward time in my life. I knew always that when I was in your presence that all would be well.

You are the main reason I am an Educator today. Your example goes far beyond anything I could have learned from a book or in a classroom.  

You were the model of generosity, in giving of yourself in time, energy and knowledge that I may be the person I am today.    

Thank-you and Goodbye
Brother Donald
I Will Miss You


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