Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lessons From Geese

I use the You Tube video "Lessons From Geese"  in all of my classes to introduce the concept of collaboration and cooperation in my classroom.  I stress the importance of developing a teaching/learning relationship among the students in my classroom.  I try to eliminate the concept of competition for grades.
I want the students to help each other to learn and encourage the idea that all students can achieve success. The teaching/learning concepts of Dr. Gary Phillip's are further developed in understanding that when students teach each other they actually improve their own understanding of the material. 
I go to great lengths to explain the difference between cheating and actually assisting students to understand as a means of improving the learning process for everyone.

T  -  Together
E -   Each 
A -   Achieve
M -  More 

Once a coach, always a coach.

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