Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Online Resources for Flipping Your Science Classroom

Flipping Your Science Classroom
Online Resources

General Flipped Classroom Resources                                                        Flipped Learning Network                                                     Flipped Learning Network                                                     Turning Learning –On Its Head                                             Flipped Learning Journal             Twitter Flipped Search                              EdReach                                                       Ed Tech Coaching                                     Flipped Out Learning

Shared Digital Resource Sites                                                                     TED Ed                                                                          TED                                                              Learn Zillion                                                 Kahn Academy                                                   CK-12                                                   Bright Storm                                                                     Socratic                                                             Sophia                                             Teaching Channel                                                        You Tube                                                             Teacher Tube                                                                     Vimeo                                              Periodic Table of Elements

Online Tools                                                      We Video                                                  National Archives – Digital Vaults                                                        Screenr                                      Screencast-o-matic                                               Educreations                                                Gamestar Mechanic                                                             Scratch

Blogs to Follow
Jonathan Bergmann                   
The Self Directed Learner                   http/
Aaron Sams                               
Ramsey Musallam                     
Greg Green                                
Brian Bennet                              
Crystal Kirsh                              
Graham Johnson                        
Corbitt Simons                           
Timonious Downing                  
Matinga Ragitz                           

Science Sites                                                            PhET Science Simulations                                             Bozeman Science                               Crash Course                                                      Science Is Fun                                      Steve Spangler Science                                                         Understanding Science                                       Earth Exploration Toolkit                                                Periodic Table of Elements                                                        Videos: Ri Channel                                                     Science Live                        Interactive Sites for Education                         24/7 Science            NASA Simulations

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